by Stephen Boulden Stephen Boulden

Automated wash and wheel blast system

Complete with:

  • 6 cube Goff wheel blast system
  • 6 cube Goff hydro pulse system
  • Wardcraft Load system
  • 3 conveyor systems
  • Shot trap
  • Dust collector

Overview of the process

  • Parts in metal bin loaded into dump hopper
  • Wardcraft load system meters product (by weight) into opening of the hydro pulse hot water wash system – HP6
  • The Goff HP6 rubber belt tumbler uses hot water (no cleaners).  Water is delivered from tank at 180 degrees. Typical wash time is 6 minutes.
  • Post tumble cycle to remove excessive moisture.
  • Parts automatically tumble out (reverse belt direction) of the HP6 and onto the transfer conveyor.
  • Air knives on the transfer conveyor help dry any remaining moisture (which usually is not much because of the use of very hot water).
  • Transfer conveyor loads parts into front opening of the Goff 6 cube rubber belt tumble wheel blast system
  • Parts automatically tumble out (reverse belt direction) of the tumble blaster  onto the vibratory unload conveyor and into a container.


We have 4 videos of the system running – available on a google drive folder.

It is currently used to prep fasteners and stampings for zinc flake coating (dip spin paint process). The system is currently under power and operational.

The owner is prepared to disassemble and load All original documentation will be provided, including the integration of the WardCraft system.

The Wardcraft Load System was integrated into the Equipment in August 2012 (We did primarily Fasteners and small stampings). Load System was $62,000.

Inventory of $10,000 of replacement parts

As is, where is Jackson, Michigan.

Complete system with replacement parts, disassembly help from buyer and loaded on buyer’s truck

Buyer to arrange freight.