by Terry Hopkins Terry Hopkins

Demo 12” Belt Wash System – Ransohoff

Demo 12” Belt Wash System Ransohoff – wash, rinse and heated blow off for sale. This unit includes the following features:

  • Process Type:  Continuous
  • Production: High Volume
  • Part Orientation: Directly on Flat wire Belt 
  • Max Work Envelope: 12” wide belt, 6” high 
  • Method of Loading / Unloading:  Manual  
  • Footprint: Starts @ 7’ Long x 5’ Wide x 4’-6” High (with 12” wide belt)
  • Cleaning Mechanisms: Spray (Optional Ultrasonics)
  • Drying Mechanisms: High Velocity Air
  • Controls: Relay Logic (Optional PLC / HMI)
Demo 12” Belt wash System Ransohoff

Engineered for lean manufacturing, the LeanVeyor reduces floor space requirements while providing exceptional cleaning and drying performance. We used a commonsense approach to component choice and placement for quick and efficient access and servicing. All stages are insulated and compartmentalized with individually adjustable exhaust dampers, reducing system heat loss.

This is a wash rinse heated blowoff.  PLC wash, rinse filters, chip baskets, marine doors with auto water fill.  We would configure the machines blowoff and risers to match the parts.  Oil control can be added if needed.

*As is, where is, Cincinnati, OH

Lease option estimate based on 3 years $3,450/mo

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