by Terry Hopkins Terry Hopkins

Demo 24” Belt Wash System – Ransohoff

Demo 24′ Belt Wash System for sale. Engineered for lean manufacturing, the LeanVeyor reduces floor space requirements while providing exceptional cleaning and drying performance. We used a commonsense approach to component choice and placement for quick and efficient access and servicing. All stages are insulated and compartmentalized with individually adjustable exhaust dampers, reducing system heat loss.

  • Process Type:  Continuous
  • Production: High Volume
  • Part Orientation: Directly on Flat wire Belt 
  • Max Work Envelope: 24” Wide x 12” High
  • Method of Loading / Unloading:  Manual  
  • Footprint: Starts @ 7’ Long x 5’ Wide x 4’-6” High (with 12” wide belt)
  • Cleaning Mechanisms: Spray (Optional Ultrasonics)
  • Drying Mechanisms: High Velocity Air
  • Controls: Relay Logic (Optional PLC / HMI)
Demo 24” Belt wash System Ransohoff

Wash, rinse, regen blowoff followed by a heated blowoff.  PLC, HMI, flat wire belt. Auto water fill, chip baskets, adjustable height air knives, marine door for cleaning out of tanks.

*As is, where is, Cincinnati, OH

Lease option estimate based on 3 years $5,995/mo

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