by Terry Hopkins Terry Hopkins

Empire Blastroom – 18’ wide x 12’ high x 32’ long

Door nominal opening 14’ wide X 12’ tall

Complete with dust collection and pneumatic reclaim

This Empire Blastroom is for sale and includes the following features:

  • Interior working dimensions:  18’-0” wide X 12’-0” tall X 32’-0” long.  
  • Overall dimensions: 19′-0″ wide X 12′-8″ tall X 32′-4″ long.      
  • (2) Sets of Bi Fold product entry/exit     
  • 3/8” thick welded floor
  • 2 safety man doors
  • New in 2016 – infrequently used
  • Used carbon steel grit for blasting
  • Blast room is currently operational and can be demo’d
  • Walls are 10-gauge galvanized steel. Booth ceiling is fabricated from 14-gauge galvanized steel. Booth has adjustable air intake deflectors in the doors on each end. 
  • (19) T-8, 32 watt, four-tube fluorescent fixtures with lexan covers   
  • Grit Cut-off Switch 
  • Comes with person protection gear; respirator and CO2 monitoring device

Pneumatic Recovery System 

  • 900 CFM Ultrawear™ lined tunable reclaimer 
  • 10 HP blower motor assembly with fan damper  
  • 25’ of heavy-duty conveying hose 
  • 18 cubic ft. media storage hopper with viewing window 
  • Automatic bag shaker
  • 10 ft long floor sweep in trough for abrasive pickup

Blast System Blast Pot 

  • Large capacity,10½ Cu. Ft. ASME –certified pressure vessel 
  • 6” top inlet with plunger for rapid refills 
  • Dual Sight plugs to simplify troubleshooting & maintenance 
  • SureFlo™ abrasive valve with gum rubber metering tube 
  • MG-78 for rapid exhaust and automatic refill 
  • Large piping to minimize pressure loss
  • Dual air valves for faster response   
  • Choke valve to clear obstructions quickly

Operator Safety Equipment 

 Abrasive blast respirator system with air conditioner

Twin DWS Dust Collection Modules 

(2)        7.5 Horsepower (HP) Models in back of booth

*As is, where is  Springfield, MA area

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