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Empire TT20-s Suction Blast Indexing System

Used Empire TT20-s Suction Blast Indexing System for sale. This unit includes the following features:

  • Heavy Duty ¼ IN Blast Enclosure
  • Cabinet Cone Urethane Media Recovery Tube
  • Interior Protective Lining: ¼ IN Neoprene Rubber
  • 12 IN Pneumatically Powered Vertical Sliding Doors
  • CAMCO Precision Indexing Turn Table with Twelve (12) Rotating Parts Stations, Two (2) Rotating Parts Per Index (60 degree index)
  • 12 IN Vertical Ball Screw Oscillator, Programmable in 1” increments
  • Four (4) Boron Carbide MH3 Suction Blast Guns
  • 4 CU FT Media Hopper with 4 SAR-2 Media Valves and Low-Level Sensor
  • 900 CFM Lined Reclaimer
  • 6 IN Ridgid Urethane Media Conveying Duct
  • 900 CFM Cartridge Dust Collector with Photohelic and Automatic Reverse Jet Pulse Knockdown
  • Safety Light Curtains and with “Part Loaded” Button
  •  Standard Control Panel with PLC, HMI, Recipe Storage, and Robotic Loading Communications Ready            

Optional upgrades:

  • Automatic Media Replenishing System – (Makeup Hopper w/ Low Level Sensor and Automatic Sure-Flo Valve) 
  • Can convert to a pressure blast system – to be advised
  • Can raise  doors up to 24” 

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Empire TT20-s Suction Blast Indexing System