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JENFAB 3 Stage Pass-Thru Parts Washer – 12” W x 8” H W/Warranty

This used JENFAB 3 Stage Pass-Thru Parts Washer is designed to clean parts by directing spray impingement and volume of solution delivery at components as they are positioned and travel along a conveying belt through was, rinse, inhibit and dry zones. Spays are located above and below the belt. As an option, spray can also be directed and delivered from both sides on to the component.

General Specifications:

  • 12” Wide Belt Variable Speed ½ to 6 FPM  S.S. ½”  x ½” x 3/8”
  • 8” High Maximum Part Clearance
  • 48” Wash Length, 
    36” Rinse Length
  • 34” Dry Length
  • 12” Load/Unload
  • 160 Deg. F. Maximum Wash Temperature


  • Stainless Steel Pump 3HP 50GPM, 30 PSI
  • 19 Gallon Tank
  • Ball Float Tied to main water header with shut off valve


  • Stainless Steel Pump 3HP, 50GPM, 30 PSI
  • 145 Gallon Tank
  • 140 Degress with 27KW Heating Elements
  • Ball Float Tied to main water header with shut off valve


  • Dryer 20KW Heat 15 HP Motor Air Knives S.S. Top, bottom, side


The proposed machine is wired to Jensen Fabricating Engineers, Inc. interpretation of the NEC code for a 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle system supply. A NEMA-12 enclosure is mounted to the side of the machine. All electric functions terminate in this central control panel. This requires only one electrical connection by the customer.

The electrical control panel contains the following components:

  • Main disconnect switch 

  •  Starters for all motors 

  • Start and stop button for each machine function 

  • Step down transformer for 110 volt single phase for all push buttons and controls. 

  • Optional DC electronic variable speed control and potentiometer for belt speed 

  • Controls for all heaters 

  • All wiring is run in galvanized conduit with flexible connections to all motors and 

  • Hard wiring is used on the entire machine. 


  • 142” L x 62” W x 79” T
  • 41” Load Height

This JENFAB 3 Stage Pass-Thru Parts Washer is Equipped With:  

  • Variable Speed Drive belt (1/2 to 6FPM)
  • Insulation of Process Tanks
  • All Stainless Plumbing and pumps
  • Chip Collection Trays made of 304 S.S. 1/16 perforations
  • Oil Coalescer
  • Separate throttling valves for top and bottom headers
  • Electric Heating for 160 Degree Operation A. Wash
  • Side Air Blow OFF 200F
  • Filtration to any spray header 20” S.S. Bag Filter
  • Iron Drain Header valves, tank overflow and bottom tank drains plumbed to a common drain header
  • Removable belt enclosure side access panels, allows better access to bottom spray nozzles, Wash/Rinse/Dry

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JENFAB 3 Stage Pass-Thru Parts WasherJENFAB 3 Stage Pass-Thru Parts Washer