The Right Solvent Distillation Process for Your Industrial Application

CBG Biotech solvent recovery equipment is trusted by medical device, aerospace, prototype, stamping and composite manufacturers across the country. Through recycling solvents, we improve our customers’ operational and production processes for parts washing/degreasing, composites, paint and printing applications.

Dirty Solvent & Clean Solvent

Parts Cleaning

Our products help improve the effectiveness of parts cleaning—keeping clean solvent in the parts washing cycle (as compared to recirculating dirty solvent), reducing waste generator status with the Environmental Protection Agency, decreasing the cost of expensive solvents and eliminating waste disposal expenses.


Sample Testing Program and Other Industrial Applications

We offer a sample testing program, which allows you to see that our solvent recovery equipment works—prior to purchasing a system.

Parts Cleaning, Composites, Paint & Printing Solutions for Waste Solvent Recycling

Application: Parts Cleaning/Degreasing

CBG’s parts cleaning/degreasing (PW & PWV) Series of solvent recyclers enable you to improve operational throughput. We can also integrate these recyclers with your parts washer or degreaser, should you desire this level of automation.

Maintaining the efficient, low-cost and sustainable operation of your parts washer or degreaser is vital to managing plant production costs.

Your company can expect an annual reduction of solvent purchase and disposal costs by upwards of 90%—simply by reusing clean solvent recovered from our recycler and reducing your overall waste volume.

PW Series recyclers can process solvents including methylene chloride, trans-1,2-dichloroethylene blends, trichloroethylene, Perchloroethylene, Vertrel™ series, Novec™ series, N-propyl bromide and other solvents used for parts cleaning and degreasing.

PWV Series recyclers can process solvents including mineral spirits, D-limonene, thinners, naphtha and other solvents used for parts washing.

CBG’s PW Series solvent recyclers are UL2208 certified for use in nonhazardous environments and satisfy the latest Uniform Fire Code (UFC) requirements for solvent distillation units. Waste transfer fill pumps are available to reduce risk of spills and exposure. Automatic shutdown sensors and pressure-relief valves are included.

15-Gallon and 30-Gallon PW & PWV Series Recyclers

Used for: Parts Cleaning/Degreasing

pw series slick
pw series slick

Application: Paint & Coating

Paint and coating operations use a significant amount of paint thinner, acetone, toluene, xylene and other solvents for spray gun cleaning and routine line flushing. Used solvent combined with paint waste is often a large waste stream in your facility. Costs for solvents and for hazardous waste disposal can be costly and erode profits. Choose from four models of solvent recyclers (6-, 15-, 30- and 60-gallon capacities) to best fit your volume of solvent waste and support your operational needs.

With a CBG solvent recycling unit, paint and coating operations can reclaim the solvent from the paint waste and reuse it for gun cleaning and line flushing. Recycling cleaning solvents onsite and reusing them benefits your facility by improving your environmental generator status and related cradle-to-grave hazardous waste liabilities.

Application: Printing

Lithographic and flexographic printing operations use a significant amount of press wash/blanket wash and other solvents for press cleaning. Used solvent combined with ink waste is often a large contributor to your facility’s waste stream.

With the CBG solvent recovery unit, printing operations can reclaim their cleaning solvents from the ink and reuse them. Recycling cleaning solvents onsite and reusing them helps reduce your waste generator status and cradle-to-grave hazardous waste liabilities. With four models (6-, 15-, 30- and 60-gallon capacities) to choose from, CBG offers a model to fit your facility’s volume of waste solvent and daily operational needs.

Application: Composites

Industry operations use a significant amount of acetone and other solvents for cleaning molds and tools. Used solvent combined with resin waste is often a significant waste stream in the facility. Costs for acetone and for hazardous waste disposal can be very costly and erode profits.

With the CBG solvent recycler, composite operations can reclaim the acetone and other solvents from the waste resin and reuse it for tool cleaning and mold flushing needs. Recycling acetone onsite and reusing it will often boost your facility’s operational performance by reducing your waste generator status and cradle-to-grave hazardous waste liabilities.

6-Gallon S-600 Solvent Recycler

CBG Biotech Solvent Recovery Solutions  are Certified to Meet

UL 2208 with optional C1D1 enclosure packages to meet your requirements.

NFPA 30 Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code

NFPA 33 Standard for Spray Application of Flammable or Combustible Materials

NFPA 70 National Electrical Code 

6-Gallon S-600 Solvent Recycler
6-Gallon S-600 Solvent Recycler