Since 1960, Jenfab has developed innovative technology for aqueous cleaning systems. The company created the world’s first, fully automated, vertical agitation parts washers, incorporating basket rotation both under solution and in a drying chamber. By 1970, Jenfab was providing automated ultrasonic precision cleaning systems for the automotive, aviation and bio-medical industries. Now, Jenfab offers the most extensive line of standard and custom automated spray cleaning, immersion cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning systems for virtually all central, cellular and inline cleaning requirements. These include front load-unload, rotating basket, vertical agitation and rotation, rotary drum, spray, belt, monorail, combination and modular lean manufacturing systems.

Jenfab Vertical Agitation Parts Washers clean parts in baskets or on fixtures using Immersion Cleaning combined with vertical oscillation of parts in solution. The AGIMATIC Vertical Agitation Parts Washer processes larger baskets of parts than the VERTIMATIC series. These Heavy Duty Industrial Aqueous Parts Washers are available in several standard sizes and are easily customized to fit virtually any parts cleaning operation when product must be kept in batches.