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ScandMist Oil Mist Collectors

ScandMist air cleaners remove oil mist, emulsion mist and smoke from industrial process environments

ScandMist Oil Mist Collectors

Best-In-Class for Filtration Performance

Best-In-Class for Filtration Performance

ScandMist air cleaners remove oil mist, emulsion mist, and smoke from industrial process environments.

Energy Efficiency

ScandMist collectors work like magic! The oil mist and smoke disappear and you won’t have to touch units for at least one year, we guarantee it!
The concept behind ScandMist ensures superior performance, the industry’s best 2 to 5-year filter life, and surgical-grade clean air.

Cost Effectiveness

The exhaust air from ScandMist units is so clean it can be returned directly to the work environment. You no longer have to heat and expel air outside, resulting in a remarkable impact on heating costs.

Off-the-shelf-solutions are easy to install and have an extraction capacity of up to 6,000 m3/h for oil mist applications and 4,000 m3/h for oil smoke.

We also offer high capacity systems for air flows from 8,000 m3/h to over 100,000 m3/h.

ScandMist collector models are specifically designed to effectively eliminate fire risks, workplace injuries, and health hazards.

The Problem

Industrial processes that combine lubricant with high-speed machine tools generate air pollution. The exact make-up of this pollution will vary significantly depending on the process, but is likely to consist of a complex mix of toxic contaminants – including oil, water, additives, metal slivers, bacteria and more.

The Answer

ScandMist industrial air cleaners offer metalworking professionals a unique advantage to eliminating oil smoke, oil mist, and emulsion mists to establish safe working conditions.

By utilizing a specialized three-stage coalescing filtration process, ScandMist units remove fumes, emissions and other harmful by-products at the source. Surgical-grade air is returned directly to the plant and exceeds international health and safety standards for exposure limits to metalworking fluids.

Multiple layers of pleated media collect oil or coolant allowing it to drain by gravity to the base of the collector.
Instead of absorbing oil, the filter media coalesces the droplets until they are substantial enough to be collecter or drained back to the machine tool sump.

Scrubbed air is passed through a second coalescer where the process is repeated. Stage 2 utilizes higher filtration efficiency and captures the smaller particles that were not caught in stage one.
After stage 2, the air is between 95-98% free from oil mist.

ScandMist employs an H13 HEPA filter that provides 99.95 % efficiency at 0.3 μm resulting in a standard far more superior than the surrounding ambient air.
With a HEPA filter, sub-micron particles such as trace oil, smoke, bacteria, pollen, and spores, are trapped.

ScandMist uses a three-stage filtration process to progressively clean air flow. Coalescing stages one and two remove 95% of emulsion and 98.5% of neat oil @ 0.4 μm, and the final HEPA filter cleans air so that it can be safely returned into the work environment.
This unique approach prolongs filter life, reduces energy consumption and allows the captured coolant to be recycled.

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