by Alicia Guarasci Alicia Guarasci

Rebuilt 6060 Turntable System

This used Rebuilt 6060 Turntable System includes the following features:

  • Heavy Duty Blast Enclosure
  • 38” powered turntable with powered in and out shuttling (1000 LB Capacity)
  • Interior Protective Lining, Neoprene Rubber
  • Pneumatically powered vertical sliding door (52 IN Wide x 65 IN Tall Opening)
  • Manual access swing door (50 IN Wide x 40 IN Tall)
  • Six (6) cubic foot pressure pot with level sensors and media hopper, dual outlet.
  • 900 CFM urethane lined reclaimer
  • 6” rigid urethane media conveying duct
  • Cabinet cone urethane media recovery tube
  • 1200 CFM cartridge dust collector with automatic knockdown.
  • Full control panel with PLC, HMI, and program capabilities.

*Optional upgrade*:

  • 1 Horizontal Ball Screw ID Blast Gun Oscillator Assembly – Programmable Gun Placement

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Rebuilt 6060 Turntable System