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Used Falcon Finishing System (Built 2004)

This used Falcon Finishing System includes the following features:

General Specifications

Overall System Size                           130’-0” Long, 38’-0” Wide

Portal opening                                    3’-6” wide x 5’-6” high

Components                                        3-Stage Washer, Combination Dry-Off and Cure Oven, Steam Clean Booth revision

Electrical Power                                 480 volt 3 phase 60 Hz

Fuel                                                      Natural Gas – 2 psi, 1000 Btu per cubic foot

 3 Stage Washer

Washer Component Specifications


Nozzles-                                              Bex, or Spraying Systems quick disconnect

clip-on type plastic nozzles

Spray risers-                                       CPVC

Pumps-                                                Gusher

Pump screens-                                   #6 mesh stainless steel, 100 gpm per foot

Valves-                                                 Hayward

Burners-                                              Eclipse ThermAir


Stage Specifications

Stage                                       Process            Time               Length                         Temperature

Entrance Vestibule                                                                 11’-0”

1st Stage                                  Clean               90 sec              9’-0”                           160º F

Drain                                                                                         12’-0”

2nd Stage                                 Rinse               60 sec              6’-0”                           ambient

Drain                                                                                         12’-0”

3rd Stage                                  Rinse               45 sec              4’-0”                           ambient

Exit Vestibule                                                                          10’-0”


Total Length…                                                                         64’-0”


Pumps and Nozzles

GPM   TDH    PSI      Nozzles           Net Tank Capacity                  Pumps

Stage #1          378      60        20        126                  1134 gallons                           15 hp

Stage #2          252      60        20         84                   756 gallons                           7.5 hp

Stage #3          168      60        20        56                    504 gallons                           5.0 hp


Tank, Housing and Heat Exchanger Material 304 Stainless Steel

Tank                            Housing                      Heat exchanger

Stage #1          ¼”SS                         12 GA SS                      12 GA SS

Stage #2          ¼”SS                         12 GA SS                      N/A

Stage #3          ¼” SS                        12 GA SS                      N/A


An Eco Systems Unit will be installed after the third stage of the washer.( this does not include piping between the DI source and the Ecosystem units and is based on a similar unit as was supplied for the aluminum line.)

No contact vent fans will be located at the entrance and exit vestibules.  This design uses external air, forced through a cavity that enters the stack, to create a venturi affect.  With this concept, no moisture or chemical comes in contact with the vent fan components extending the life of the fans.

Steam Clean Booth Revision

The existing steam clean booth will be lengthened approximately 8’-0” incorporating a reverse mirror view of the existing booth on the opposite side. The height will also be adjusted to match the increased key height of 2’-6”.

An operator platform will also be incorporated into the design on the opposite side.

A visquine wall will separate the two chambers to minimize cross spraying.

The booth addition will be prefabricated and installed in the field. The booth will be relocated according to the design as shown on the drawing.

Combination Dry-Off and Cure Oven

The overall exterior dimensions of the oven will be 30’-0” long, 11’-0” wide, 10’-2” high.  The oven will provide 5 minutes of dry-off time at an average air temperature of 250º F and 1.6 minutes of cure time at an average air temperature of 250º F.

The internal support structure for the oven will utilize 4” square tube members, 10 gauge gussets and ¼” foot plates.

The body of the oven will be constructed of 4” thick insulated steel panels.  The interior and exterior skins of the panels will be fabricated of aluminized sheet.  All necessary capping and butt strap will be furnished to finish off the interior and exterior of the unit.

Oven Component Specifications

Fans and Blowers – Twin City

Bearings – Seal Master

Motors – GE and Baldor

Electronic Components – Partlow and Allen Bradley

(2) Dry Filter Paint Booths

The two dry filter booths are included in this offering.

Conveyer and Supports are not included.

Additional Photos and drawings are available upon request.


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