by Terry Hopkins Terry Hopkins

Wheelabrator 7 Super I

Used Wheelabrator 7 Super I for sale. This unit is in good condition and includes the following features:

  • RLM belt drive blast wheel 30 HP  in excellent condition 
  • Manganese steel slats, 43” long x ¾” thick 80%-90% new
  • Links and traction wheels in excellent condition
  • 40” air wash separator
  • Barrel head plates RH & LH side are 32” diameter
  • Footprint including the loader frame is 15ft front to back x 10’ wide
  • Elevator estimated height is 17’-6”
  • 575 Volts for Canada but can add a step-down transformer for US Voltage
  • Updated control panel is clean with an Allen Bradely SLC 500 PLC
  • Enclosed Shot Control Valve – Soundabator
  • Automatic Shot Adder
  • Roof and cabinet door lined with manganese steel
  • Dust Collector is part of the package
  • No loader
Wheelabrator 7 Super

Lease option estimate based on 3 years $ 322/mo

Wheelabrator 7 Super

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