by Stephen Boulden Stephen Boulden

Powder Coating Oven

Powder Coating Oven Dimensions:

  • Interior: 16’ wide x 30’ deep x 10’ high
  • Exterior: 19’5” wide x 30’8” long x 17’4” tall

Nominal Door Dimensions:

  • 16 Feet Wide x 10 Feet High
  • TYPE: Manual Sliding Door (side wall)

Natural gas burner provides 1,500,000 BTU/HR
Operating temperature – 450 degrees
6” touchscreen with 4 batch modes and troubleshooting capabilities
Digital self-tuning temperature controller
High pressure, low pressure, and proof of closure safety switches
UV Scanner flame monitoring for reliable startup
New in 2018

System is located in Houston, Texas, Dismantle and loading on a truck would be quoted separate if needed.
Buyer is responsible for freight.
Payment in full needs to be made prior to dismantling.
Purchase order and payment made to:

Blast & Wash Systems     9401 State Rte 21    Wayland, NY   14572

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