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Downdraft Tables

Downdraft Tables

Typical applications for downdraft tables would include:

  • Welding smoke
  • Metal grinding
  • Deburring

Downdraft tables serve as dust collection from plastics and composite materials, odor control from gluing and painting, plasma cutting, powder mixing, soldering, and well as finishing processes (i.e. buffing and polishing).

Filter medias can be selected to control dust from woodworking, plastics, composites, metal grinding and welding, as well as dust from mixing, batching, and weighing.

Our tables are designed to:

  • Exceed OSHA standards
  • Offer quiet operation
  • Ship fully assembled and ready to plug and play
Downdraft Table
Downdraft Table

Dry Filtration vs Wet

Downdraft Tables – Dry Filtration

Diversitech’s DD series of industrial downdraft tables are the trusted choice of North America’s largest manufacturers, and are built to withstand the most demanding applications. Any fumes, smoke or dust from your production activities can be captured right as they are produced, before compromising your indoor air quality. Your choice of

  • Standard table sizes range from 2’x4’ to 5’x10’, and larger worksurfaces
  • Can be easily created by “mirroring” multiple tables.
  • All downdraft tables come fitted with multi-stage spark arrestance baffles, dual 10” diameter exhaust silencers and an automatic reverse-pulse filter cleaning system to help reduce maintenance requirements.

Many options and accessories are available for the DD series of downdraft tables, and tables can be custom configured and built-to-order in almost any configuration.

Flexible, all-in-one, downdraft solution for dust, smoke, or fumes produced from welding, grinding, deburring, cutting, sanding, finishing, soldering,painting, or mixing.

*Diversitech’s tables are design to exceed OSHA standards, offer quiet operation, ship fully assembled and ready to plug and play.

Wet Downdraft Tables

The MONSOON™ Wet Downdraft Table product series delivers the safe capture of hazardous/combustible dusts with the smallest equipment footprint in the industry. This self-contained wet downdraft table’s patent-pending design achieves a very high face-velocity at a very affordable price.

A wide range of  application kits and custom fittings can help you meet your NFPA and OSHA requirements.

The MONSOON™ series all include industrial swivel casters, adding mobility and versatility to your application. This wet  filtration table is perfect for capturing combustible dust, including mixtures of steel, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium.

The MONSOON™ works by drawing dust-laden air through the table surface and into a cascading water bath. The wet downdraft table cleans the air by using the combined action of centrifugal force and a thorough intermixing of water and dust laden air. The dust is separated from the airstream by water droplets created by the flow of air through strategically placed baffle plates. Once wet, the dust becomes permanently trapped and falls down into a reservoir


  • Capture-at-source for Cleaner Air
  • Complies with NFPA & 6X guidelines for Combustible Dust


  • Auto-fill Water Control System (3X4, 3X6, 3X8)
  • Anti-corrosion Stainless Steel Construction
  • Motor Starter and a Non-Sparking Blower Wheel
  • Low-cost mist eliminator after filters


  • Auto Wash-down system
  • WV-55 Sludge-Vac
  • Side and Back Walls
  • HEPA after-filter kit (99.99% @ 0.3 micron)
  • Dust-Tight\Vapor-Tight Light Kit
  • Auto-fill Water Control System
Downdraft Table

Downdraft Table Photos

Downdraft Table
Downdraft Table
Downdraft Table
Downdraft Table
Downdraft Table

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