Chameleon Retractable Booths

Chameleon Innovations Retractable Booths & Rolling Tarp Systems Dealer in Rochester NY

Our Retractable Booths are designed to improve plant air quality while minimizing material handling and optimizing plant floor space.

Dust Control & Filtration

  • Silica dust capture
  • Composite trimming & blending
  • Explosive dust control

Weld Fume Capture & Filtration

  • Retractable weld booths installed in fixed location of plant
  • Mobile retractable weld booths

VOC Containment & Filtration

  • Coating & finishing
  • Lay-up of composites
  • Off-gassing

Chameleon Innovations is a medium-sized, family owned and managed manufacturing business (a merger of Chameleon Transportation Systems and Chamtech Systems). We take pride in our quality products and after sales service. Since 1996, we have engaged in continuous in-house engineering and development of innovative rolling tarps for transport and industrial retractable enclosure solutions. After years of successful products and growing partnerships we have built a vast, dedicated and reliable North American Transportation Solutions Dealer & Service Network. This network has enabled Chameleon to grow and provide accessible service to all of its customers. In a similar manner our Industrial Solutions division has developed tried-and-true, quick ROI solutions for many industrial sectors.