Vapor Hone 3500


Standard Features

  • 60″W x 30″D x 38″H inside work space. 
  • Total machine foot print 75″W x 38″D x  7’H
  • Durable Stainless Steel 12ga  construction
  • 110v Single Phase Power
  • High Output LED lights for better work space visibility.
  • GFCI Protection Hardwired into main power line
  •  High volume pump w/ overload protection
  • Pump agitation for greater slurry mixing and cleaning effect
  • Production Blast Gun with boron carbide insert
  • 20-100psi @ 15-20 CFM
  • 35 gallons of water and 30lbs of abrasive media needed to charge machine
  • Rated 100% duty cycle
  • 2yr warranty on submersible slurry pump system
  • Minimum 5hp compressor recommended capable of 14-18 CFM or greater

Optional Features

  • 220V Single Phase Power
  • 3K Sump Heater
  • Heavy Duty Caster/ Levelers
  • Closed Loop Rinsing Sedimentation tank
  • Abrasive Density Meter
  • Rubber Lined Walls for Abrasion Resistance
  • Track and Car System for Loading Heavy Parts
  • 1000lbs Stainless Turntable

How much air is needed to run the 3500 machine?

This really depends on your application more than whats needed to run this particular machine. All of our machines are capable of running pressures as low as 20psi up to 110psi. Normal CFM is between 15-20.

How Much Water is Needed to Initially Charge the VH 3500?

Approximately 30 Gallons of water is needed to fill the machine. This machine is self contained meaning that it recycles the water and abrasive inside of the machine for reuse.

Does Your Machines Have a Duty Cycle?

Our machine are rated for 100% duty cycle. We use the finest components for a durable long lasting machine.

Do I Need to Provide Constant Water To The Machine?

Yes, if you’ve chose the open loop setup for your machine. However, if you decide to opt in for the closed loop setup this allows your machine to run without a water connection using water from your external filtration basins.

Does This Machine Have A Slurry Pump?

Yes, a powerful slurry pump that’s capable of up to 50GPM of slurry flow. Built with a polyurethane impeller for better wear resistance. All slurry pumping systems are covered by a 2 year warranty.

For additional questions please feel free to Contact Us.