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Blast & Wash Systems is a distributor of the most comprehensive parts finishing,
metal prep, surface prep, cleaning, and air filtration equipment.

Vapor Degreasing Systems

Vapor Degreasing Systems

  • For use with hydrocarbon or chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents
  • All tanks are constantly under vacuum
  • Air or water cooled
  • Automated operation using PLC technology
  • Indirect heating
  • Gentle distillation using vacuum
  • Residual distillation using vacuum
  • Safety pan below plant
  • Machine is compact and ready to run
  • Highest level of cleanliness
  • High through-put rate and large batch weight
  • Extremely short cycle times
  • Consistently clean and grease-free parts thanks to high distillation rate
  • Minimum solvent consumption as parts and filters are fully dried
  • Compliance with all statutory regulations and relevant safety standards
  • Connection, filling and commissioning on site
  • Short installation and commissioning time; no need for a specially prepared foundation on site, as a level hall floor is sufficient
  • A constant vacuum is maintained in all tanks, vessels and pipelines. This ensures that all cleaning and distillation processes can be completed at relatively low temperatures (protecting parts and saving solvents) and with minimum emissionsli>
  • The filters are constantly monitored. When they are saturated, a signal is sent to the control system and the machine operator can start the filter drying process. The filter residue is dried and can be removed without any emission to avoid any hazardous waste
  • When a certain concentration level is reached, a residual distillation cycle must be performed in the vapor generator. The residual sump is automatically extracted into a metal waste oil drum (to be provided by operator)
  • The solvent inflow and outlet is very fast, preventing dirt residue from collecting in the processing chamber
  • Specially adapted ultrasonic cleaning method for optimum efficiency (optional)
  • Fire and explosion safety equipment

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