Vapor Hone 1200

Closed Loop Blast System

MSRP:  $10,500   Our Price:  $10,225

Working Space 40″ x 40″ x 40″

  • The Vapor Hone 1200 is backed by the industry’s best LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • 100% built in the USA
  • Right hand side load door
  • One piece molded polymer design
  • 3 LED light bars
  • Boron Carbide blasting gun inserts
  • Foot switch operated for easy process control
  • Support frame is made from 12Ga steel powder coated
  • Machine capable of supporting 500lbs
  • Wiper included
  • IP67 wash down industrial controls are mounted to the front of the machine
  • All service connections located on the left side of the machine as pictured
  • 25 gallons of water/ 35 lbs of abrasive
  • 1/2″ NPT air connection is needed
  • Perforated floor with internal floor supports to hold up to 500lbs
  • Large door opening for industrial jobs
  • Robust construction and sleek design
  • Precision Regulator

VH1200 CL  Wet Blast Cabinet         $ 10,225

Footprint  46”W x 44”D x 84”H


220V available – $300 upgrade option

Internal Working Dimension 40″ W x 40″ D x 40″ H
Power 110V Single Phase
Abrasive Amount 35 lbs.
Water Amount 25 Gallons
Pump High Volume Slurry Pump
Pump Impeller Industrial Polyurethane Pump Impeller
Gun Tips Boron Carbide Blasting Gun Tips
Compressor Specs 7.5HP or Larger
CFM 20-30 CFM
PSI 60-100 PSI
Assembly No Assembly Required

What’s the regular maintenance on vapor blasters as a whole?

Really just changing the water and abrasive that’s it. Consumables will last much longer in the wet systems due to the cushioning effect.

How often do I change media and water?

If you use it every other day I would change every month. If its occasional use you might go 2 – 3 months.

Can I mix in something to stop freezing in the winter if I don’t have the unit in a place with heating?

One of the most frequent questions that I don’t have a good solution for other than draining the machine if you know it will be sitting for more than a week in the cold weather. I personally try to minimize mixing any thing other than water and abrasive because it can create bad finishes if it throws out the PH of the slurry.

What abrasives can I run in the vapor hone?

Any abrasive that you run in a dry blasting cabinet will run in a vapor hone machine.

Does vapor honing take a lot of CFM?

It depends on what you define as a lot any wet cabinet can need 15 – 45 CFM to operate just depends on what machine model you choose.