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Blast & Wash Systems is a distributor of the most comprehensive parts finishing,
metal prep, surface prep, cleaning, and air filtration equipment.

Vibratory Finishing Equipment

Deburring Vibratory

Vibratory bowls are the most versatile and most cost effective types of mass finishing equipment available. They have the ability for aggressive burr removal along with providing pre-plate surface finishes without impingement.
Giant’s models are ideal for continuous process and high production of small to medium parts (powdered metal, stampings, castings) with cycle times of 5 to 30 minutes. Standard machines feature 100 percent separation of parts and media, a spiral bottom, heavy duty bowl and base weldment, a removable cast polyurethane drain plug and cast urethane screen. These steel media-ready machines are also equipped with a media discharge door and a parts discharge ramp.
For smaller operations, the Giant Wedge Series blends efficiency, economy, and portability. Totally enclosed, quiet and self contained, Wedges are easy to operate. Their low frontloading profile allows easy access to parts through its hinged sound cover. Equipped with casters, Wedges are ideal for cellular applications.

Burnishing / Cleaning / Polishing

Giant Finishing Systems stand above the competition in quality and value. Put them all together and you get a system optimized for performance, profitability, and ease of use.
Complete Giant systems are ideal for high production applications that demand a continuous flow of finished product. For heavy industrial production applications, multiple machines with overhead hopper, screen deck, and media return conveyor eliminate part mixing. Combining an overhead hopper/feeder, bowl, conveyor and dryer, a Giant system not only improves thru-put, users can see additional cost savings because the machines are very easy to operate. Depending upon the configuration, one employee can do the work of three or more. An integrated Giant system furnishes greater thru-put, easy operation, and reduced manpower.