Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior
  • Right hand side load door.
  • Built from rugged polymer our hobbyist model is built to last.
  • Lifetime warranty best in the industry. Rest assured your investment is covered.
  • LED workspace lighting while not as great as our other models it still serves a purpose for increasing visibility.
  • Large 33″W x 30″D x 28″H internal workspace.
  • Boron Carbide blasting gun inserts for long lasting performance.
Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior
Attach your own supplied pressure regulator to your machine using the supplied 1/4″ NPT connection located at the front of the machine.

  • Foot switch operated blasting gun for easy process control.
  • Simple Electrical switch box to simplify the wiring process and for easier maintenance.
  • Comes with GFCI 110V plug.


Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior
  • Weekend Warrior machines are open loop.
  • Fresh water connection will be connected at the back of the unit using our designated hose and GHT fitting.
  • Window Rinse is standard on the weekend warrior.
  • Internal part rinse nozzle is standard.
Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior
  • Aircraft grade aluminum door for better sealing and durability.
  • Our rugged polymer makes the vapor honing process quieter due to its noise absorption properties.
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Industry leading LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • Full product support and access to our Knowledge base page.
  • American tech support Mon- Fri
Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior
  • Fully factory tested and assembled.
  • Industrial quality at an affordable price
  • 100% built in America by American’s.
  • Optional rubber lined machine walls
  • Perforated polymer sheeting provides a cushion blasting surface that will not damage parts while blasting.
  • 40 Mil thick seamless rubber blasting gloves.
  • Drop in supports can be easily added for larger items.
Weekend Warrior

Equipment Specs

Internal Working Dims: 33″W x  30″D x  28″H

Overall Dims: 36″W x  35″D x  5′ 8″H

High Volume Slurry Pump

Polymer Pump Impeller

Boron Carbide Blasting Gun Tips

15 Gallons of water for operation

25 lbs. of abrasive

15-20 CFM

120 PSI max pressure

5 Hp or larger air compressor

110V Single Phase

No assembly required

Optional Features

Rubber lined walls for abrasion resistance and noise suppression

1,000 lbs capacity stainless steel turntable