Vulkan Blast Shot: Your Market Leader

Vulkan Blast Shot is a leader in the North American abrasives market offering highly qualified sales reps, engineers and technicians to assist you in making the right choice, the BEST choice, for your abrasive media needs. As an added benefit, Vulkan customers also get COMPLIMENTARY on site machine evaluations to ensure the highest level of blasting efficiency.

Vulkan Blast Shot
Chronital Non-Rusting Cast Stainless Steel Shot


Non-rusting cast stainless steel shot available in various sizes.

Grittal Non-Rusting Cast Stainless Steel Grit


Non-rusting cast stainless steel grit available in various sizes and two hardnesses.

Cut Wire Shot Peening Media



VULKAN also offers a variety of cut wire products available in a range of different levels of conditioning.

  • CW – As Cut
  • CCW – Single Conditioned
  • DCCW – Double Conditioned
  • SCCW – Spherically Conditioned


  • Located in Ontario, Canada, Vulkan Blast Shot Technologyis a supplier of highly efficient, durable and reusable non-rusting stainless steel blast shot and grit. The media is manufactured in Germany by its parent company, Vulkan INOX GmbH.
  • Vulkan Blast Shot Technology was incorporated in 1990, and sells directly, as well as through a network of distributors and re-sellers throughout Canada and the United States.
  • Vulkan has an extensive global distribution network with highly qualified sales representatives, engineers and technicians to ensure prompt and efficient service when using our products.
  • As an international leader in the manufacture of cast stainless steel shot and grit, Vulkan offers a variety of products that will both increase your level of quality and save you money.
  • With Vulkan, you can count on obtaining high quality products, strong technical support and efficient and friendly customer service, all at competitive pricing!