Solder-Vac2 Portable Compact Air Cleaner

Perfect for Solder Application

The portable air-cleaning solution, the Solder-Vac II fume extractor removes airborne contaminants from light to medium-duty soldering applications.

The Solder-Vac II captures solder smoke and fumes at source, before they migrate into your work space. Completely versatile, this portable fume extractor can be set in a vertical or horizontal position, on a bench-top or on the floor. Its patented FlexArms allow for single or dual workstation configuration.

A great ventilation solution for soldering, heat bending, dental grinding, light welding, sanding and grinding, solvents, mixing powders and chemicals, wire stripping, jewelry buffing and many other light to moderate industrial and laboratory activities.



  • 120 volt, single phase
  • Low-profile, light duty solder fume extractor
  • White powder coated standard with heavy gauge steel construction
  • Multi-stage filtration system: pre-filter, HEPA and chemical filter
  • Whisper quiet operation, less than 52 dBA
  • FlexArms allow for single or dual workstation configuration


  • Explosion proof motor and starter
  • Choice of 6.5’, 10’ or 13’ capture arm
  • Dual-arm configurations


  • Compliant with OSHA guidelines for controlling weld fumes
  • Capture-at-source for cleaner air
  • Compact, portable, and easy to operate

Technical Specifications

Model Motor (H.P.) Air Flow (CFM) Input Power Net Weight (lbs.) Noise @5ft (dB)
Phase Volts Hz Amps
SOLDER-VAC2-02-008A1 0.5 HP 300 1 120 60 1.6 45 52


Model Filter Type Cord Length (ft.) Hose Length (ft.) Product Dimensions (in.)
Width height Length
SOLDER-VAC2-02-008A1 2″ HEPA 6 10 13 20 16

1 – Product dimensions are based on base-models and may vary depending on selected product features. Please contact us for an accurate shipping quote.

Filter Specifications

Filter Type Part # Filter Area (sq. ft) Filter Efficiency Reusable
Paper Pleated(standard) S-SV-0001 N/A MERV 10 N/A
HEPA (optional) S-SV2-0002 N/A H13 N/A
Carbon (optional) S-SV2-0003 N/A N/A N/A

How To:

Set Up Your Solder Vac II For The First Time

Unpack Unit

  1. Inspect carton for any possible damage during transit.
  2. Use forklifts to move.
  3. Do not tip or invert while handling.
  4. You’ll find the item serial number, model and electrical ratings located on the nameplate. Write down information on the provided Maintenance Record found in the owner’s manual.


  1. Unpack capture arm, hood and base.
  2. Install pads and filters:
    • Install dust pad first.
    • Remove plastic wrap on odor filter. Install second.
    • Install HEPA filter third.
  3. Install unit lid:
    • Install fume extraction arm into inlet.
    • OR, if installing arm onto workbench, install flex hose into inlet.
  4. Install Extraction Arm (c/w slide-gate):
    • If unit mounted, fume extraction arm can be installed directly onto unit’s lid.
    • OR, if Bench-mounted, Arm can be installed onto Z bracket.
  5. Z bracket can be installed onto workbench.
  6. 6-foot Flex Hose connects fume extraction arm to unit lid.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Filter Replacement

  1. Open top with Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Carefully pull up filters, drop clean filters gently into place:
    • Confirm there are no obstructions in filter track.
  3. HEPA filters should be installed with gaskets facing down on filter tracking.
  4. Careful to not damage exposed portions of the HEPA filter. Do not bend aluminum separators.

Perform Chemical Filter Tray (S-SV2-0003, S-SV2-0004) Maintenance

Replace chemical filter approximately every twelve months OR immediately following any detection of Rhodium or other odor from the discharge of the system.

To Replace Your Odor Filter

  1. Ensure that the unit is unplugged, open door with appropriate tool.
  2. Pull out the existing S-SV2-0003 or S-SV2-0004, remove new S-SV2-0003 or S-SV2-0004 from the box that it was shipped in.
  3. Reinsert new filter back into the system (ensure airflow arrows are pointing up).
  4. Close door and verify that an airtight seal is maintained.

To Refill Existing S-SV2-0003 or S-SV2-0004 Filter Cell with New Odor Filters

  1. Pull out existing S-SV2-0003 or S-SV2-0004 filter.
  2. Unscrew the two top panel covers and lift off cover.
  3. Pour out used odor filter (wearing a dust mask is recommended).
  4. Refill container with fresh odor filters.
  5. Replace the 2 panel covers and re-insert into unit.

IMPORTANT: Filter disposal is the responsibility of the end-user. Please contact local authorities.

Resetting “Service Filter(s)” Alert

  1. Ensure filter access door is closed.
  2. Plug power back to the unit.
  3. Press & hold SPEED UP & DN simultaneously until unit beeps.
  4. Hold for 10+ seconds, when panel is beeping continuously, release buttons.
  5. You are now in RESET MENU, in this condition, “System ON” LED is flashing quickly.
  6. Press SPEED DN- 2 times until “Service Filter(s)” LED is flashing.
  7. Press & HOLD POWER button while “Service Filter(s)” LED is flashing & unit is beeping continuously.
  8. Release, when LED stops flashing & stops beeping.

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