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Blast & Wash Systems is a distributor of the most comprehensive parts finishing,
metal prep, surface prep, cleaning, and air filtration equipment.

Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors

Blast & Wash Systems provides proven technology for industrial applications. Our priority is worker safety! Keeping unbreathables away from the operator’s repository zone requires capture-at-source equipment that is easy-to-use, easier-to-service, and is powerful enough to return truly clean air. Airborne contaminants are produced through a multitude of different industrial applications, and we offer both wet and dry dust collection equipment to meet these challenges.

Cartridge Systems

We offer the following Dust Collectors:

  • Baghouse
  • Pulse-Jet
  • Reverse-Air
  • Explosion Containment
  • Vertical Cartridge
  • Explosion Containment
  • Cyclone
  • Standard Efficiency Cyclone
  • High Efficiency Cyclone