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PRI International Motorsports Trade Seminar – Dec 9th


International Motorsports Trade Seminar

Fri. December 9| 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM | Indiana Convention Center, Room 234

A panel of top international buyers and top manufacturers selling internationally, led by Wilfried Eibach of Eibach Springs, Brian Patrias of Motovocity, Rob Herrod of Ford Racing Parts Australia & SCT Australia and Darrick Dong of Performance Friction Brakes, will headline the 1st Annual PRI International Motorsports Trade Seminar (in partnership with the MIA and SEMA) at the 2016 PRI Trade Show.

PRI attendees and PRI exhibitors are encouraged to participate in this seminar/roundtable featuring seasoned exporters, top overseas buyers and other key stakeholders.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals required to expand their audience reach and succeed globally. But also, they will have the chance to hear the best practices and strategies for overcoming challenges that cost time and money dealing with international commerce. This includes:

identifying the right products for their markets; the most cost-effective and efficient way for getting products to overseas customers and/or buying products and getting them to the US; dealing with foreign currencies, getting paid, etc.

Experts will share their insights on:

  • Purchasing international products for the US market
  • Selling US products internationally
  • Buying US products for the International markets
  • Selling foreign products into the US market

Stay for an open Q&A session with the audience after the panel interviews and network with key international players and domestic companies from around the country interested in growing their export sales.

The seminar is free to attend, but RSVP is required.
Please reserve your spot at:

by Terry Hopkins Terry Hopkins

Diversitech Air Pollution Solutions

Diversitech Air Pollution Solutions

A technology leader in the Air Filtration & Dust Collection industry, Diversitech Air Pollution Solutions delivers reliable products manufactured to perform correctly in your application.  Keeping Unbreathables away from the operator’s repository zone requires capture-at-source equipment that is easy-to-use, easier-to-service, and is powerful enough to return truly clean air. Airborne contaminants are produced through a multitude of different industrial applications, and if you aren’t providing your workers with the best industrial air purification system possible, then you aren’t doing enough. Protect your investment and provide your people with the safest work environment possible.

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Diversitech Air Pollution Solutions

Diversitech Air Pollution Solutions

by Terry Hopkins Terry Hopkins

OSHA: Combustible Dust Hazard

Combustible dusts are fine particles that present an explosion hazard when suspended in air in certain conditions.  A dust explosion can be catastrophic and cause employee deaths, injuries, and destruction of entire buildings. In many combustible dust incidents, employers and employees were unaware that a hazard even existed. It is important to determine if your company has this hazard, and if you do, you must take action now to prevent tragic consequences.



List of Potential Combustible Dusts


Does your company or firm process any of these products or materials in powdered form?

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