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Goff 6 Cube Tumble Blast With Dust Collector

Goff 6 cube Tumble Blast with dust collector

Used equipment for sale: Goff 6 cube Tumble Blast with dust collector

Features of this unit are as follows:

 12” diameter blast wheel

  • Less than 2800 operating hours on system
  • 6 cubic foot capacity
  • Pneumatic Door
  • Goff dust collector included

As is where is, northern Massachusetts

  • Width: 6’2’
  • Height: 12’3”
  • Length: 6’ 1”
  • Weight: 5,600 lbs.


Blast Wheel: The direct drive blast wheel revolves at 3600 RPM for maximum abrasive velocity. 12” diameter wheel with 8 curved blades 3” wide is standard. Balanced wheel components assure smooth operation.

Blades: Unique snap lock design eases blade replacement.  Cast from abrasives resistant alloy to insure maximum life. Curved blade design provides maximum abrasives control.


Mill Construction

Rubber Tumble Belt: Continuous molded rubber tumble belt has 4 ply construction with 5/16” abrasive drain holes. Raised rubber tumbling ridges are molded directly to belt.

Conveyor Rollers: Heavy duty rollers have 2” diameter solid shafts and are mounted to the cabinet with standard (4) bolt flange bearings

Liners: 28” diameter barrel heads are 5/8” abrasive resistant steel with special forged bolds. Tight Sealing 3/8” allot steel cabinet liners are standard.

Capacity: 6 cu. Feet, 800 pounds nominal.

Conveyor Speed: 12 feet per minute

Mill Belt Jam Protection: Damage to the tumble belt and liners, due to internal jamming of parts, is reduced by an electronic jam monitor. This device monitors current spikes that occur due to part jamming and shuts down the motor when spikes occur. The monitor is load size adjustable by customer.

Barrel Size: 38-3/4” wide X 28” diameter


  • Automatic Timer Control
  • Machine Warranty
  • Air Operated Power Door
  • Quick Cleaning Cycle
  • Continuous Molded Rubber Mill Belt
  • Safety Interlocks
  • 15 HP Direct Drive Blast Wheel
  • Abrasive Resistant Liners
  • Rubber Mill Belt
  • 800 lb. Load Capacity

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Goff 6 Cube Tumble Blaster with Dust CollectorGoff 6 Cube Tumble Blaster with Dust CollectorGoff 6 Cube Tumble Blaster with Dust Collector

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Press Release – Blast & Wash Systems doubles distribution territory

Press Release – Blast & Wash Systems doubles distribution territory

February 15, 2017 ….

Blast & Wash Systems is expanding its geographical coverage; added an engineering corporate partner and hired a senior management professional.

Blast & Wash Systems based in New York State has distribution coverage throughout New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio. With added personnel, we are now expanding into parts of the Midwest and mid-Atlantic States.

As of January 2017, Blast & Wash Systems partnered with Optimation Industrial Services out of Rochester, NY to offer engineering services and equipment integration to our product line.

With the expansion, Mel Nye will be joining us to become the National Sales Manager of Blast & Wash Systems. Mel is a seasoned professional with 35 years of manufacturing experience.

Mel has spent the past 10 years in senior management for the largest parts washer manufacturer in the country. His role within this organization included managing sales teams, managing distribution companies, service groups, and manufacturing facilities.

Blast & Wash Systems is a sales distribution corporation providing industrial equipment, abrasives and services to the marketplace. Equipment includes blast equipment, parts washers, industrial air filtration systems, ovens, inline finishing systems, paint booths, vibratory systems, blast rooms and abrasive supplies.

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Blast It All ITT-30

Blast It All ITT-30

Indexing Turn Table. New Equipment. Sale price $75k – $125k.

This new model is a dual room abrasive machine. One side is a blast room, the other is a blow-off room. This is a high end piece of equipment designed for continuous operation.

Cabinet view from front. Dual side-by-side blast rooms.

Notice the viewing window on the right side.

Operator’s control panel. Solid state logic boards.

Reclaim hose and rear panel.

Interior equipment. Easy replacement and maintenance.

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JENFAB 3 Stage Pass-Thru Parts Washer Belt

JENFAB 3 Stage Pass-Thru Parts Washer Belt 12” W x 8” H With Warranty

This JENFAB 3 Stage Pass-Thru Parts Washer Belt is designed to clean parts by directing spray impingement and volume of solution delivery at components as they are positioned and travel along a conveying belt through was, rinse, inhibit and dry zones. Spays are located above and below the belt. As an option, spray can also be directed and delivered from both sides on to the component.

General Specifications:

  • 12” Wide Belt Variable Speed ½ to 6 FPM  S.S. ½”  x ½” x 3/8”
  • 8” High Maximum Part Clearance
  • 48” Wash Length,
    36” Rinse Length
  • 34” Dry Length
  • 12” Load/Unload
  • 160 Deg. F. Maximum Wash Temperature


  • Stainless Steel Pump 3HP 50GPM, 30 PSI
  • 19 Gallon Tank
  • Ball Float Tied to main water header with shut off valve


  • Stainless Steel Pump 3HP, 50GPM, 30 PSI
  • 145 Gallon Tank
  • 140 Degress with 27KW Heating Elements
  • Ball Float Tied to main water header with shut off valve


  • Dryer 20KW Heat 15 HP Motor Air Knives S.S. Top, bottom, side


The proposed machine is wired to Jensen Fabricating Engineers, Inc. interpretation of the NEC code for a 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle system supply. A NEMA-12 enclosure is mounted to the side of the machine. All electric functions terminate in this central control panel. This requires only one electrical connection by the customer.

The electrical control panel contains the following components:

  • Main disconnect switch
  • Starters for all motors
  • Start and stop button for each machine function
  • Step down transformer for 110 volt single phase for all push buttons and controls.
  • Optional DC electronic variable speed control and potentiometer for belt speed
  • Controls for all heaters
  • All wiring is run in galvanized conduit with flexible connections to all motors and 
  • Hard wiring is used on the entire machine.


  • 142” L x 62” W x 79” T
  • 41” Load Height

Equipped With:  

  • Variable Speed Drive belt (1/2 to 6FPM)
  • Insulation of Process Tanks
  • All Stainless Plumbing and pumps
  • Chip Collection Trays made of 304 S.S. 1/16 perforations
  • Oil Coalescer
  • Separate throttling valves for top and bottom headers
  • Electric Heating for 160 Degree Operation A. Wash
  • Side Air Blow OFF 200F
  • Filtration to any spray header 20” S.S. Bag Filter
  • Iron Drain Header valves, tank overflow and bottom tank drains plumbed to a common drain header
  • Removable belt enclosure side access panels, allows better access to bottom spray nozzles, Wash/Rinse/Dry

For purchasing information, email or Contact Us.

JENFAB 3 Stage Pass-Thru Parts Washer BeltJENFAB 3 Stage Pass-Thru Parts Washer Belt


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Bronco 4′ Double Door Blaster w/ Dust Collector

Bronco 4′ Double Door Blaster with BCP Dust Collector

This Bronco 4′ Double Door Blaster with BCP Dust Collector includes the following features:

  • Double door unit with (2) VFD 25 HP blast wheels
  • Abrasive level indicator
  • VFD’s for the wheels
  • BCP Cartridge Style Dust Collector – dual hopper drum chute located at the bottom hopper
  • Direct drive for the elevator
  • Tables also have satellite tables to fixture trees for hanging parts of required
  • Individual satellite tables can be removed
  • Operational when removed
  • Lower screw recovery


  • Dust collector dimensions 12′ tall x 6′ deep x 7′ wide
  • Work height 17′ max
  • Depth of the machine 8′
  • Width of the machine with one door closed and one door open 16′ , with both doors open you’ll be around 19′
  • Height of the machine to the top of the elevator 15′


  • 2 – 25 HP @ 3600 RPM’s direct drive wheels
  • 480 V
  • Requires 100 AMP service

As is where is, FOB North Carolina

For Purchasing information, email or Contact Us.

Bronco 4' Double Door Blaster

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Wheelabrator 96” table, tall, with Dust Collector

Wheelabrator 96” table, tall, with Dust Collector

New in 2010

 1,959 hours on it

Pristine condition

3- 15hp wheels

Dust Collector included

 9 pallets of spare parts included

 Full functional before taken from production

Inside height 81” from top to table; Height from front brace to table 75”

Cost new $350,000

This is an exceptional system, well maintained and very low hours. Just came on the market and arrived today to the warehouse.

As is, where is, Pennsylvania  ………………..

by Terry Hopkins Terry Hopkins

Wheelabrator Air Blast Room Complete


  • Volts required 480 60 cycles
  • Total HP is 551/2
  • Total Amps 741/2
  • 36 sets of lights all have new ballast installed
  • 36 side panels 3’ x 16’ tall
  • 18 roof panels 3’ x 18’
  • Room dimensions 19’-6” x 60’ long x 16’ tall
  • First set of pits are 44” deep
  • Boot Pulley pit is 7’ deep
  • Bolted together panels
  • Mortared bottom seal plate
  • Stitch welded on the inside bottom panels
  • Dust Collector is included 6’ x 25’ x 13’6” tall
  • This unit was fully serviced prior to removal
  • Serviced all gear boxes
  • This system was completely cleaned
  • Full floor recovery
  • 150 HP compressor included as well


NOTE!  This unit is dismantle and ready to ship

Price for all the above will be ………..$145,000

by Terry Hopkins Terry Hopkins

JenFab LeanClean 360-1 Parts Washer

stainless steel wash, rinse, dry system – small footprint. JenFab 360-1 older model in great shape!

(460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle)

Options with this system

Fresh Water Spray Rinse

The fresh water spray rinse maximizes removal of washing chemistry by providing a fresh water rinse after the rinse tank rinse cycle. The fresh water rinse option includes an additional water line, separate spray bar in the wash chamber, and a program-controlled solenoid valve. Fresh water rinse water flows to the rinse tank, and the overflow flows to the drain line.

Rocking Drive

Provides rocking motion of the basket from 0 to 75 degrees on each side of center to enhance cleaning of delicate parts or parts that that cannot be rotated. The system enables control of speed and degree
of rocking action.

Filtration for Wash/Rinse

Summary of Specifications

Lean Clean 360-1
Item Specification
Floor space 3’ 4” x 6’
Basket output per hour 8  based on 7 minute 30 seconds total cycle
Basket size (nominal) 12” x 18” x 6” up to a maximum 12” x 20” x 6”
Basket rotation, standard 0 to 10 rpm
Basket rocking 0 to 60 degrees in both directions from center
Pump size, wash-rinse 60 GPM, 40 PSI, 304 stainless steel
Filters, wash-rinse Stainless steel bag type
Tank size, wash-rinse 50 gallons each
Tank material 11 gauge 304 SS
Outer enclosure 16 gauge 304 SS polished
Tank heaters, wash-rinse 8 kW
Chip baskets, wash-rinse Easy lift out baskets keep tanks free of chips
Dryer type 1600 CFM, recirculating with multiple air slots/knives
Air discharged to plant 100 CFM to the plant atmosphere per cycle
Ergonomic load/unload 42 inches
Combination door and load shelf One-handed operation
Baskets slide in/out of machine No lifting, lowering or bending
PLC with color operator interface Yes
Diagnostic messages Yes
Sound level Less than 75 dBA