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2018 Manufactured in Vermont Supply Chain Trade Show

Blast & Wash Systems will be exhibiting in the 2018 Manufactured in Vermont Supply Chain Trade Show on Thursday, September 27 at the Champlain Valley Expo Center, Essex Junction, VT. We will be located in booths 614, 616.

We’ll have blast, vibratory and air filtration equipment at the show.

Equipment in the booth included a Blast it All  industrial siphon blast cabinet with dust bag, Giant Finishing’s mini vibratory bowl and Diversitech’s  dry 2’ x 4’ downdraft table designed for 110V. Visitors to the booth included Aerospace Alloys, Alpha Q Inc, New England Plasma, Manufacturing Solutions Inc, Bell Flight, Revision Military, Global Foundries, GE Aviation, FDC Composites, Marmen Inc, Strum Ruger, Fab-Tech, Aero Montreal, and Lockheed Martin.

2018 Manufactured in Vermont Supply Chain Trade Show

Blast & Wash Systems will be exhibiting in the 2018 Manufactured in Vermont Supply Chain Trade Show on Thursday, September 27

Blast & Wash Systems will be exhibiting in the
2018 Manufactured in Vermont Supply Chain Trade Show on Thursday, September 27

by Terry Hopkins Terry Hopkins

Press Release – Blast & Wash Systems Partners with Force Automation, Inc.

Press Release – Blast & Wash Systems Partners with Force Automation, Inc.

Press Release – July 9th, 2018

Blast & Wash Systems announced today a partnership with Force Automation, Inc. in providing robotic integration for industrial parts finishing.

Terry Hopkins, President of Blast & Wash Systems, commented on the partnership:

“We have found a natural synergy with Force Automation, Inc. They work in many of the same industries that we serve. They’ve build systems to robotically automate parts finishing for the aerospace, medical and metal foundry industries.

With this partnership, we now offer the next level of manufacturing…… robotic deburring, grinding, drilling, sanding, blasting and a host of finishing operations.

Over the past 2 years we have experienced a significant interest in integrating robots with the finishing equipment we offer. This is a trend that is accelerating as manufacturers look for greater throughput, reduce repetitive finishing functions, and keep finishing departments lean.”

Blast & Wash Systems is a sales distribution corporation providing industrial equipment, abrasives, and services to the marketplace. Equipment includes blast equipment, parts washers, industrial air filtration systems, ovens, inline finishing systems, paint booths, vibratory systems, blast rooms and solvent recovery systems.

Press Release

Press Release


by Terry Hopkins Terry Hopkins

Press Release – Blast & Wash Systems doubles distribution territory

Press Release – Blast & Wash Systems doubles distribution territory

February 15, 2017 ….

Blast & Wash Systems is expanding its distribution territory/geographical coverage; added an engineering corporate partner and hired a senior management professional.

Blast & Wash Systems based in New York State has distribution coverage throughout New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio. With added personnel, we are now expanding into parts of the Midwest and mid-Atlantic States.

As of January 2017, Blast & Wash Systems partnered with Optimation Industrial Services out of Rochester, NY to offer engineering services and equipment integration to our product line.

With the expansion, Mel Nye will be joining us to become the National Sales Manager of Blast & Wash Systems. Mel is a seasoned professional with 35 years of manufacturing experience.

Mel has spent the past 10 years in senior management for the largest parts washer manufacturer in the country. His role within this organization included managing sales teams, managing distribution companies, service groups, and manufacturing facilities.

Blast & Wash Systems is a sales distribution corporation providing industrial equipment, abrasives and services to the marketplace. Equipment includes blast equipment, parts washers, industrial air filtration systems, ovens, inline finishing systems, paint booths, vibratory systems, blast rooms and abrasive supplies.

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Blast It All ITT-30

Blast It All ITT-30

30 Indexing Turn Table. New Equipment

Standard equipment with custom designs… energy efficient impact blasting…in-line capability. Designed for applications such as cleaning castings, forgings, structural steel, and heat treated parts, BLAST-IT-ALL systems give the finish needed and may be programmed to be tied in with existing controls or designed as part of any automated system with its own control unit.

Blast It All ITT-30

This new model is a dual room abrasive machine. One side is a blast room, the other is a blow-off room. This is a high end piece of equipment designed for continuous operation.

Blast It All ITT-30
Cabinet view from front. Dual side-by-side blast rooms.

Blast It All ITT-30
Notice the viewing window on the right side.

Blast It All ITT-30
Operator’s control panel. Solid state logic boards.

Blast It All ITT-30
Reclaim hose and rear panel.

Blast It All ITT-30
Interior equipment. Easy replacement and maintenance.

Blast It All ITT-30

Blast It All ITT-30

Blast It All ITT-30

Blast It All ITT-30

Blast It All ITT-30

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JenFab LeanClean 360-1 Parts Washer

JenFab LeanClean 360-1 Parts Washer

This used JenFab LeanClean 360-1 Parts Washer includes the following features:

  • stainless steel wash, rinse, dry system – small footprint
  • JenFab 360-1 older model in great shape!
  • (460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle)

Options with this system:

Fresh Water Spray Rinse

  • The fresh water spray rinse maximizes removal of washing chemistry by providing a fresh water rinse after the rinse tank rinse cycle. The fresh water rinse option includes an additional water line, separate spray bar in the wash chamber, and a program-controlled solenoid valve. Fresh water rinse water flows to the rinse tank, and the overflow flows to the drain line.

Rocking Drive

  • Provides rocking motion of the basket from 0 to 75 degrees on each side of center to enhance cleaning of delicate parts or parts that that cannot be rotated. The system enables control of speed and degree of rocking action.

Filtration for Wash/Rinse

Summary of Specifications

Lean Clean 360-1
Item Specification
Floor space 3’ 4” x 6’
Basket output per hour 8  based on 7 minute 30 seconds total cycle
Basket size (nominal) 12” x 18” x 6” up to a maximum 12” x 20” x 6”
Basket rotation, standard 0 to 10 rpm
Basket rocking 0 to 60 degrees in both directions from center
Pump size, wash-rinse 60 GPM, 40 PSI, 304 stainless steel
Filters, wash-rinse Stainless steel bag type
Tank size, wash-rinse 50 gallons each
Tank material 11 gauge 304 SS
Outer enclosure 16 gauge 304 SS polished
Tank heaters, wash-rinse 8 kW
Chip baskets, wash-rinse Easy lift out baskets keep tanks free of chips
Dryer type 1600 CFM, recirculating with multiple air slots/knives
Air discharged to plant 100 CFM to the plant atmosphere per cycle
Ergonomic load/unload 42 inches
Combination door and load shelf One-handed operation
Baskets slide in/out of machine No lifting, lowering or bending
PLC with color operator interface Yes
Diagnostic messages Yes
Sound level Less than 75 dBA

JenFab LeanClean

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Used JRI Dip Tank – New in 2011

Used JRI Dip Tank

This used JRI Dip Tank includes the following features:

  • Inside Dimensions: 58” wide x 32” x 36” high
  •  Mild Steel Construction
  •  Single Stage Immersion Dip Tank cleaning system with 3” stroke.
  •  New in 2011
  •  Machine well maintained/ in excellent condition.
  •  Capacity 483 gallons at 45” Solution Height
  •  With belt oil skimmer
  •  Basket is 58” wide x 32” D x 44” H
  • Electrically heated, 140 DEG. F
  • 1000lb maximum lift
  • Air operated lid lifting cylinder system
  • Low water shut off

*As is where is Ohio*

For purchasing information, email or Contact Us

JRI Dip TankJRI Dip Tank

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EASTEC 2017 | Blast & Wash Systems

Blast & Wash Systems will be an exhibitor at EASTEC, New England’s premier manufacturing exposition, returns May 16-18, 2017. With more than 500 exhibitors, complimentary conference sessions, industry keynotes and much more, EASTEC is an event dedicated to keeping northeast manufacturers competitive.

It’s where manufacturing ideas, processes and products that make an impact in the northeast region, are highlighted through exhibits, education and networking events. The event offers a unique chance to connect with resources that can solve your company’s most pressing problems, improve productivity and increase profits. It’s clear why so many business owners, engineers, designers, production managers and purchasing executives attend EASTEC to keep their operations current. EASTEC brings human ingenuity and manufacturing brilliance together. Make sure it’s part of your strategy and reserve the dates on your calendar!

Learn more & register for free at

Blast & Wash Systems will be showcasing the largest finishing equipment booth at EASTEC 2017, featuring nine pieces of equipment on display & for sale.

Demo the following:

Gibson 3 Cube Tumble Wheel Blaster

These rugged machines automate cleaning, peening, deburring, profiling, finishing and many other surface-conditioning tasks on a vast range of parts.

Gibson Tumble Wheel Blaster

WX-1200 Wet Dust Collector

Dust collection with a wet dust collector designed to meet NFPA regulations

Diversitech Wet Dust Collection

Portable Fume and Debris Mini Vac

Protect employees from toxic welding fumes

Diversitech Mini Vac

MINI Monsoon Wet Downdraft

Best stainless steel wet downdraft table that meets NFPA regulations for Aluminum, Titanium, and Magnesium and other explosive dust

Diversitech Mini Monsoon

Auto Fume Extractor

Watch the auto extractor follow the welder’s arc for total smoke extraction

Diversitech Fred Jr. Auto Tracking Fume Extractor

Air Blast Cabinet with Reclaimer

Air Blast parts with aluminum and plastic media at the show!

Bring your parts and we’ll blast em!

Also on display:

  • Parts washer cabinet style – wash, rinse, and dry. 
  • Rotary drum wash for high volume CNC parts and fasteners. 
  • Solvent Recovery Equipment – eliminate solvent disposal costs! CBG Bio
Blast & Wash Systems offers the right equipment for manufacturers to solve part finishing problems. Armed with over 20 major manufacturers of finishing equipment we bring the best solutions like no other! Our team has 80 combined years of manufacturing experience. 
We are happy to announce that our coverage has expanded nationwide! Whatever your finishing need, and now no matter where, Blast & Wash can provide you with the solution. 

Reserve a time slot to visit Booth 5513

Blast & Wash Systems offers automated finishing equipment to:

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Work in lean manufacturing cells
  • Give better value finishing systems
  • Integration of engineering and automated finishing equipment

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Aquablast®915 Designed by Vixen

Aquablast® 915

The Aquablast® 915 wet blasting machine is designed by Vixen to simultaneously de-grease and blast multiple components. Customers find this to be an excellent entry-level wet blasting machine.

The process cleans by flow, and not impact, producing a ‘soft’ finish. The water acts as a lubricant, avoiding media impregnation and also extending the life of the blast media. The typical process is as follows:

The water/media slurry is contained within the wet blasting cabinet sump.

Delivery of the slurry to the manual blast nozzle is via a glandless polyurethane pump and associated hoses located inside the wet blasting machine.

Compressed air is added at the blast nozzle to accelerate the slurry and create the cleaning effect.

After contact with the component, the slurry then drains back into the sump creating a re-circulating system.

Fine broken down media and other contaminants are fed via an overflow to a sedimentation filter located at the rear of the wet blasting machine.

For additional information or questions, please feel free to Contact Us!

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PRI International Motorsports Trade Seminar – Dec 9th


International Motorsports Trade Seminar

Fri. December 9| 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM | Indiana Convention Center, Room 234

A panel of top international buyers and top manufacturers selling internationally, led by Wilfried Eibach of Eibach Springs, Brian Patrias of Motovocity, Rob Herrod of Ford Racing Parts Australia & SCT Australia and Darrick Dong of Performance Friction Brakes, will headline the 1st Annual PRI International Motorsports Trade Seminar (in partnership with the MIA and SEMA) at the 2016 PRI Trade Show.

PRI attendees and PRI exhibitors are encouraged to participate in this seminar/roundtable featuring seasoned exporters, top overseas buyers and other key stakeholders.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals required to expand their audience reach and succeed globally. But also, they will have the chance to hear the best practices and strategies for overcoming challenges that cost time and money dealing with international commerce. This includes:

identifying the right products for their markets; the most cost-effective and efficient way for getting products to overseas customers and/or buying products and getting them to the US; dealing with foreign currencies, getting paid, etc.

Experts will share their insights on:

  • Purchasing international products for the US market
  • Selling US products internationally
  • Buying US products for the International markets
  • Selling foreign products into the US market

Stay for an open Q&A session with the audience after the panel interviews and network with key international players and domestic companies from around the country interested in growing their export sales.

The seminar is free to attend, but RSVP is required.
Please reserve your spot at: