by Terry Hopkins Terry Hopkins

Die Casting & Oil Mist/Smoke Solutions

Employees working with die casting processes are often exposed to high concentrations of oil fumes and mist.  At the beginning of the die casting sequence, lubricant is sprayed onto the die cavities, the mechanical plunger and the die guide bars.  Due to the elevated temperature of the dies, some of the die lubricant evaporates which creates a plume of mists and fumes.  The air is then filled with greasy, oily, and dense smoke, which presents a convoluted situation when trying to extract and clean the contaminated air. Today’s regulations for occupational health and employee safety require effective smoke and mist removal.

Clean Air America, Inc. has developed the most advanced and efficient oil mist and smoke filtration system available today.

Featuring a 3 stage filtration system, the Clean Air HighSmoke™ allows manufacturing facilities who do die Die Casting & Oil Mist/Smoke Solutionscasting, metal cutting/pressing, steel mills, etc. to clean their facilities with up to 99.995% efficiency to help protect their workers from the hazardous particles that can be produced during these processes. The machines feature both a HEPA filter and coalescing fiber bed media filters. These coalescing fiber filters allow oil particles that have been filtered to collect together until it they are heavy enough to drain off the filter particles.  The Clean Air HighSmoke™ system is the only one of its kind currently made in the USA.

 Clean Air America, Inc. created the new Clean Air HighSmoke™ HS-2400 for “high smoke” applications.  The Clean Air HighSmoke™ HS-2400 features larger coalescing fiber bed filters with a lower permeability rating and deep fiber bed media suitable for filtration of higher concentrations of sub-micron particulate.

Clean Air HighSmoke™ HS-2400 applications include:

  • Heat treating
  • Cold heading
  • Die casting
  • High-speed grinding with oil
  • Rotary transfer precision machining
  • Forging
  • Roll mills