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VHT Gladiator

Vapor Honing Technologies Gladiator

VHT Gladiator

Gladiator table – All in one- Wet blast, Wash, Rinse and Dry 

Now you can Vapor Hone your parts automatically

In this versatile system by placing parts on the powdered turntable – fully programmable!

Inset a fixture on the turntable and you can hang multiple parts for 360-degree coverage. Blast clean multiple parts in just one cycle!

                                 There’s more………….

  After blast cleaning you can rinse and dry the parts in the same cabinet.

It gets better …………. all in One!

Wet blast your parts with your choice of abrasive:

 Heated wash – spray parts with soap

  Rinse – spray parts – recirculating water

Blow Dry parts


Available options: Filtration, temperature controls,  program blast height adjust feature,  HMI, Rinse & Dry and more!


VHT Gladiator Video:

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Robotic Vapor Honing System with Teach Pendant

Robotic Vapor Honing System with Teach Pendant

We are happy to introduce the latest in wet blast technology.

Vapor Honing has released The Robotic VH System. This unit is very cost effective and has many features designed to make it simple to use!

Training is available to teach users the technology to ensure proper use of the equipment and make using it as safe and simple as possible.

Save hundreds of hours per month by reducing manual labor, produce consistent part finishing  and increase throughput!


  • Customized for blasting single or multiple parts
  • Customizable cabinet size / standard  33w” x 30d” x28” H 
  • Collaborative automated system 
  • Durable 12ga Stainless Steel construction or HDPE cabinet.
  • 2 – 2ft LED waterproof lights for excellent visibility.
  • Teach Pendant interface
  • Precision regulator
  • Window wiper system
  • Safety door interlock switch
  • High volume polyurethane pump
  • Pump agitation for greater slurry mixing and cleaning effect.
  • Production blast gun with boron carbide insert.
  • 20 CFM at 80 -90  PSI
  • Industrial Filtration CL System
  • 2yr warranty on submersible slurry pump system

Optional Features:

  • Two stage cartridge filtration system ( 5 micron) 
  • Immersion Heater
  • Abrasive Density Meter
  • Rubber Lined Walls for Abrasion Resistance
  • 460V 3 phase

Lease option $2,375/mo on 36 months

For purchasing information or questions, email or Contact Us.

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Die Casting & Oil Mist/Smoke Solutions

Die Casting & Oil Mist/Smoke Solutions

Employees working with die casting processes are often exposed to high concentrations of oil fumes and mist.  At the beginning of the die casting sequence, lubricant is sprayed onto the die cavities, the mechanical plunger and the die guide bars.  Due to the elevated temperature of the dies, some of the die lubricant evaporates which creates a plume of mists and fumes.  The air is then filled with greasy, oily, and dense smoke, which presents a convoluted situation when trying to extract and clean the contaminated air. Today’s regulations for occupational health and employee safety require effective smoke and mist removal.

Clean Air America, Inc. has developed the most advanced and efficient oil mist and smoke filtration system available today.

Featuring a 3 stage filtration system, the Clean Air HighSmoke™ allows manufacturing facilities who do die Die Casting & Oil Mist/Smoke Solutionscasting, metal cutting/pressing, steel mills, etc. to clean their facilities with up to 99.995% efficiency to help protect their workers from the hazardous particles that can be produced during these processes. The machines feature both a HEPA filter and coalescing fiber bed media filters. These coalescing fiber filters allow oil particles that have been filtered to collect together until it they are heavy enough to drain off the filter particles.  The Clean Air HighSmoke™ system is the only one of its kind currently made in the USA.

 Clean Air America, Inc. created the new Clean Air HighSmoke™ HS-2400 for “high smoke” applications.  The Clean Air HighSmoke™ HS-2400 features larger coalescing fiber bed filters with a lower permeability rating and deep fiber bed media suitable for filtration of higher concentrations of sub-micron particulate.

Clean Air HighSmoke™ HS-2400 applications include:

  • Heat treating
  • Cold heading
  • Die casting
  • High-speed grinding with oil
  • Rotary transfer precision machining
  • Forging
  • Roll mills
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Vapor Blasting Rusty Parts

Vapor Blasting Rusty Parts

CT’s Garage used Vapor Honing Technologies wet abrasive blast cabinet called the “Weekend Warrior” to restore parts from a  VW bus back in December of 2019.  To date it has received over 218,000 YouTube hits.

    You’ll see a step by step process on how parts that are old, rusty and grimy can be restored to a beautiful finish.

For additional questions, please Contact Us.

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Jenfab Launches New Orca Parts Washing System

Jenfab Launches New Orca Parts Washing System

Jenfab Orca

As you know, Jenfab has been working over the past year on its new Orca roll-in door parts washing system.  Today, we are happy to announce that the Orca is in production and will be phased into distribution starting this May.

We are very excited about this new system and are certain you will find it to be one of the best Jenfab has ever offered. Why? Because the Orca isn’t just another parts washer. We have designed it specifically to take on and beat the competition.

To achieve this goal, we took a look at our competitors and asked ourselves what we could do to be better. The result is a parts washer with more standard features than the competition combined with unrivaled quality, all at a competitive price. In addition, the Orca will be delivered within two weeks (10 business days) from the time of order.

The Orca will come in three standard turntable sizes of 25″, 31″ and 36″ with the 31″ design being offered first and the other two following soon after. It is built for light to heavy-duty, industrial cleaning and features a space-saving roll-in door design. Depending on the model, it can handle between 1,000-1,500 lbs. loads and uses Jenfab’s standard sprocket driven turntable and swing-down spray bar design. For additional system specifications, you can download the brochure below.

Jenfab is anticipating a huge demand for these systems and is now taking pre-orders from any distributor that has a need. Should you have any questions or wish to pre-order a system between now and the time the Orca becomes available, please contact your regional sales manager.

We appreciate your efforts as a Jenfab distributor and hope we can continue working together to make the Orca a success.

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Wet Blast Automation

Simply Affordable Wet Blast Automation!

Finally, we have automation & innovation that is really affordable!

Vapor Honing has just introduced an automated wet blast system that will save hundreds of repetitive motion man hours. Instead of standing at a blast cabinet with hands fully engaged in blasting for hours, you can now set your program and walk away to do other finishing operations. 

Using variable speed turntable and vertical axis motion the system can blast a large single part or multiple parts in one cycle!

Here are the spec’s and please view the short videos on how it works!


  • 24” diameter turntable – with adjustable speed
  • Blast parts up to 12” high
  • Choose either 1 or 2 blast guns
  • Heated water up to 120F
  • Density meter for abrasive
  • Internal rinse nozzle
  • Timed blast cycle
  • Touch screen controls
  • Two axis automation – gun positions are manually adjustable and vertical axis mount has variable speed available
  • One access door
  • Automated VH3330 (Workspace:  33x30x28)
  • Footprint:  36x35x90

For additional information, please feel free to Contact Us.

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Vapor Blasting Aluminum

Vapor blasting aluminum is hands down one of the best ways to either add a surface finish or prepare the surface for coatings. Most aluminum’s being very soft can be damaged easily when processing by other traditional methods. Vapor blasting aluminum is non destructive meaning you can hold tight tolerances, will not damage sealing surfaces, and will not impregnate into the surface which can cause many other issues when post processing. Whether you will be blasting aluminum extrusion, or machined parts there is a vapor honing solution that fits well with your application.

Blasting Aluminum

Below are some videos on processing aluminum machined parts and the results you can expect. In these examples we were completing two different tasks the first de burring and the second was providing a consistent even finish on the parts. The wet blast system makes consistency a breeze because on the flow based nature of the process. Imagine spraying a water hose at a part under 60- 70 PSI and how easily it would be to replicate these results due to the flow of water and how it contacts the surface. Since vapor blasting is flow based it also adds a few other benefits such as no heat warping, no hot spots when blasting and less wear on consumables. There are other machine related benefits too such as better ergonomics, Lower decibel levels, and lower dust levels contaminating the work environment inevitably contaminating processed parts as well.  We are here to help walk you through the different techniques and equipment options to see what works best for you and your application. If you would like to test a particular application or compare quotes on our different slurry blasting systems please email us.

– Vapor Honing Technologies

For any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.