by Terry Hopkins Terry Hopkins

Simply Affordable Wet Blast Automation!

Finally, we have automation & innovation that is really affordable!

Vapor Honing has just introduced an automated wet blast system that will save hundreds of repetitive motion man hours. Instead of standing at a blast cabinet with hands fully engaged in blasting for hours, you can now set your program and walk away to do other finishing operations. 

Using variable speed turntable and vertical axis motion the system can blast a large single part or multiple parts in one cycle!

Here are the spec’s and please view the short videos on how it works!


  • 24” diameter turntable – with adjustable speed
  • Blast parts up to 12” high
  • Choose either 1 or 2 blast guns
  • Heated water up to 120F
  • Density meter for abrasive
  • Internal rinse nozzle
  • Timed blast cycle
  • Touch screen controls
  • Two axis automation – gun positions are manually adjustable and vertical axis mount has variable speed available
  • One access door
  • Automated VH3330 (Workspace:  33x30x28)
  • Footprint:  36x35x90

For additional information, please feel free to Contact Us.