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Coyote Air Belt Blast

Coyote 1.25 Air Belt Blast & Recovery System
complete with 600 CFM dust collector

Standard Features:

  •  (3) Blast Nozzles
  • System new in 2021
  • Max Workload 150lb
  • Electrical 230v 3 Phase
  • Continuous Molded Rubber Belt
  • VFD on mill belt drive
  • Low Noise Level
  • Safety Interlocks
  • Reversing Mill Belt
  • Automatic Timer Controls
  • Low Profile Design

Our Price: $29,000

Purchase Order, Deposit, Final Balance
needs to be made out and paid to:

Blast & Wash Systems

9401 State Rte 21 Wayland, NY 14572


coyote 1.5 air blast

Air Blast System

Air Blast Nozzles: Three 3/8″ diameter Venturi carbide nozzles with 3/16″ diameter air jets are standard. Full coverage of blast chamber is accomplished. Height of nozzles to the work is adjustable.

Cabinet Construction

Cabinet: Formed to maintain structural integrity. The cabinet is fabricated from 1/4″ steel plate. Access holes in sides of cabinet to simplify belt replacement. Access door in back of cabinet permits removal of trapped material collected on abrasive screen.

Door: One piece polyurethane door opens and closes easily and provides full access to blast chamber Door is positively sealed from abrasive and dust leakage.

Work Loading Height: 40″

Work Load Capacity: 17″ wide x 20″ diameter mill will handle 1.25 cubic feet or 150 LBS.

Conveyor: Continuous molded rubber tumble belt is (2) ply construction with 1/8″ diameter abrasive drain holes. Rubber tumbling ridges are molded directly onto the belt.

Conveyor Rollers: Rollers have 1 3/16″ diameter solid shafts. All rollers are mounted to the cabinet with standard (4) bolt flange bearings.

Conveyor Speed: 4.8 feet per minute.

Power and Air Requirements

Electric Motors: All motors are totally enclosed and fan cooled to provide maximum life. Unit optionally equipped – 230-460 volt – 3 phase.

Electric Motors: All motors are totally enclosed, fan cooled, to provide maximum life.

Mill Drive: 1/2 HP, 1800 RPM

Air Requirement: 100-120 CFM @ 60-80 PSI. 3/4″ NPT furnished for air connection.

Separator System

Abrasive Screening: Abrasive screening in cabinet eliminates tramp material from abrasive.

Abrasive Separator: 600 CFM centrifugal for optimum sizing of contaminate removal.

Abrasive Required: 50 pounds for initial start-up.

Dust Collector: 600 CFM, minimum required.

Safety and Structure

Safety: Blast nozzles operational only when door is closed. Chain drive is fully guarded.

Noise Level: Approximately 80 DB

Shipping Weight: 1,100 pounds

Machine Dimensions: 29″ wide x 37″ deep x 69″ tall

by Stephen Boulden Stephen Boulden

Cell Jet Ransohoff Table Washer

Cell Jet Ransohoff Table Washer

In stock – Cell Jet


  • Wash, Rinse, Blow-off Process in Single Cabinet

processing your parts in up to 24” diameter x 18” tall work envelope, with a maximum part weight of 40 lbs

  • Siemens S7-1200 PLC
  • Stainless Steel Construction

Footprint:  5’6” wide x 5’6” long x 8’6” high

The Cell-Jet, a member of Ransohoff’s LeanJet® line of cellular parts washers, is an excellent cabinet washer for point of use, batch cleaning where very little floor space is available. This spray washer was designed as a low cost, down and dirty, industrial quality wash station utilizing medium pressure spray impingement and compressed air to clean and dry your parts.

by Terry Hopkins Terry Hopkins

Used JRI Dip Tank – New in 2011

Used JRI Dip Tank

This used JRI Dip Tank includes the following features:

  • Inside Dimensions: 58” wide x 32” x 36” high
  •  Mild Steel Construction
  •  Single Stage Immersion Dip Tank cleaning system with 3” stroke.
  •  New in 2011
  •  Machine well maintained/ in excellent condition.
  •  Capacity 483 gallons at 45” Solution Height
  •  With belt oil skimmer
  •  Basket is 58” wide x 32” D x 44” H
  • Electrically heated, 140 DEG. F
  • 1000lb maximum lift
  • Air operated lid lifting cylinder system
  • Low water shut off

*As is where is Ohio*

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JRI Dip TankJRI Dip Tank