by Terry Hopkins Terry Hopkins

VHT Gladiator

Vapor Honing Technologies Gladiator

VHT Gladiator

Gladiator table – All in one- Wet blast, Wash, Rinse and Dry 

Now you can Vapor Hone your parts automatically

In this versatile system by placing parts on the powdered turntable – fully programmable!

Inset a fixture on the turntable and you can hang multiple parts for 360-degree coverage. Blast clean multiple parts in just one cycle!

                                 There’s more………….

  After blast cleaning you can rinse and dry the parts in the same cabinet.

It gets better …………. all in One!

Wet blast your parts with your choice of abrasive:

 Heated wash – spray parts with soap

  Rinse – spray parts – recirculating water

Blow Dry parts


Available options: Filtration, temperature controls,  program blast height adjust feature,  HMI, Rinse & Dry and more!


VHT Gladiator Video: